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Inorbit Mall Malad

The Raheja Corporation that owns a chain of malls in India has built the Inorbit Mall in 2004 in Malad. This was the first of the many Inorbit mall – in Vashi in October 2008 and year later in Cyberabad. This was followed by the ones in Pune in the year 2011, April and they built another one in Bangalore in September 2012. The Raheja Corporation has a policy where it leases out all its properties and also has a revenue sharing agreement with the parties who take up their properties.

Known for its exceptional and well planned architectural and constructional facilities, the Inorbit mall in Malad was the first of the chain and was built by P.G. Patki and Associates for Raheja Corporation. When this was built, this was on top of the list of the biggest malls in South East Asia and it housed the cuisine centre that was the largest. The mall went for a complete change in 2008 when the Clinton Climate Initiative effected schemes for the conservation of energy through the Johnson Controls Inc. The five lakh square feet area in the mall was also part of a civil case that was filed by the owner Nusli Wadia alleging misuse of the agreement by Raheja Corporation and he said the mall had to be brought down. However the court overruled this and advised that a third party who will gauge the damages and assess the property twice a year so Raheja can pay the owner in accordance with the 12% damages.

Mall Name - Inorbit Mall Malad

Location - Mumbai, Maharashtra

Pincode - 400064

Address - Inorbit Malls ( India ) Pvt. Ltd Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai

Email -

Telephone Number - +91 22 40990824

Map And Location Of Inorbit Mall Malad

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