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Anant Raj Galleria Karol Bagh

With a great modernization and a phenomenon glass masterpiece along with steel and granite, the Anant Raj Galleria of Karol Bagh is considered to be the most popular and functional mall having design of cutting edge. This whole mass is manufactured with a glass having outstanding structure. This complex is meant to be the greatest entrance hall having a shopping complex in the whole market area. The whole standard of finishing and interior detailing is set in this mall of Anant Raj Galleria in nearby areas. The walls of this mall are made up of backlit glass along with the stones that are semiprecious and the ceiling of the mall is made of hardwood. The entrance hall and the corridors of this mall looked very stunning and created a perfect look.

Mall Name - Anant Raj Galleria Karol Bagh

Location - New Delhi, Delhi

Address - Anant Raj Galleria Gurudwara Road Karol Bagh New Delhi

Map And Location Of Anant Raj Galleria Karol Bagh

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